Dear UTS,

I just wanted to let you know that after all of the years of training, it is beginning to pay off!  I have recently been called to assist with two different crime scene investigations.  Both involved shooting incidents and are still pending court hearings.  I was able to identify the shooters sign in both cases and following the sign, developed other tracking evidence that linked them to the crime scene.  The members of the M.C.T.F.  (Major Crime Team Force) could not believe that trackers could identify and follow sign that was two days old.  Thank you, to the instructors and the program for the great training, and leadership that gave me the confidence, knowledge and experience to be able to contribute to public service in this way.  I'm confident that I will be called more often now that we have demonstrated that tracking is a professional skill that can be used to aid in criminal investigations.

Thank you,

Don Gomez, UTS Tracker II.
January 26, 2002