Having attended two iterations of UTS military tracking, I can attest to the facts that no other course available today can provide a level of instruction and expertise comparable to training provided by the UTS instructors.
There are many other courses which profess to be the best, give long lists of organizations or military units they have trained, but fall short of the training objective. If you are looking for the real answers ( that is being "track aware" ) without all the "mysticism and voodoo" being preached by those "in touch with the Universe" then this is the course you have been looking for. I have trained over 2500 special operations soldiers in tracking techniques learned from UTS. After four years (and about 1600 hours) of practical application and experience I have attained a Tracker Level One rating.
This organization stands behind it's instructional material and certification. it does not "hand out" certificates or diplomas simply because you attended one of their courses. Anyone looking for quality, professional, measurable training, should contact UTS.  (www.utstrackingservices.com/whoto.htm)

I am available by phone or E-mail to confirm the comments above or discuss the training I received and ultimately provided to the "special operations" community.

Kirk A. Gordon 315-376-7395(H) 316-772-2266(W) gordonk@drum.army.mil