Universal Tracking Services (UTS) was incorporated in June of 1991 to enable government agencies, other businesses and the public a business entity and structure with which to conduct training program contracting and other business functions.







~ Objectives ~

To provide sign cutting (tracking) as a viable tool or resource for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Military, Industrial Security and other governmental and lawful organizations.

To provide an adequate staff of skilled and qualified instructor personnel
to accomplish requested training courses.

To provide an accredited program of progressive levels of proficiency from
Level 1 - Tracking Awareness through Level  IV - Sign Cutter.

To provide written performance standards equated to each training level
to measure student accomplishment.

To provide a program for evaluation of student achievement relative
to stated performance standards.

To provide certification of training level achievement. 


Training courses and seminars are presented to students from Search and Rescue,
Law Enforcement, Emergency Services Military and other organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

All tracking program courses are based on the historical expertise and methodology of the
United States Border Patrol Sign Cutters. 



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