November 8, 2008


Hello Everyone

I was one of several members from Cowichan Search and Rescue attending the training session at Eagle Bay, near Salmon Arm B.C., in September 2008.

This was my first U.T.S. course and I am still amazed at how much I learned from the instructors and teammates I was lucky enough to work with. The entire weekend was spent trying to "solve" a very complex case using tracking skills, sign-cutting, mapping every detail, and keeping logs on information discovered. In the end we were able to describe exactly what happened, every step of the way until the very dramatic and tragic ending. It was like participating in a giant game of "Clue" and very addicting. I am looking forward to attending another U.T.S. course in the near future.

I'm convinced our instructors could be very successful script-writers for their own Movies!
Also, the accomodations and meals were outstanding. I highly recommend this Course location to anyone who may have the opportunity to attend a Tracking Course at Eagle Bay.

Janice Frueh
Janice Frueh
Cowichan SAR