Greetings...many thoughts are rambling through my mind after such an intense weekend.  I will work to put them in some form of order!  All in all a very good course. I will work on my thoughts for future ones and send them your way.

Who would have thought this is where the program would have evolved too.  All humor aside I mean it when I say we as Tracker II's must hold the bar above our heads and jump over it.  We must seek the goals and set the standards we seek to achieve.  We have a good grasp of the tracking aspects.

The signcutter level will be the psychological level, and the ability to present ourselves in a professional manner.  We have come a long way.  Joel, you and your fellow instructors have challenged us to seek new levels of confidence, determination and skill.  We in return have challenged you to provide a program to meet these goals. This is no easy task, we will only push & guide each other even more in the years to come.

Yes, we are the program, the goals will be attainable by us but we will have to reach for them.

A quote comes to mind...
"When you stand on the brink and step off, you must believe there is something solid to step onto or that you will be taught to fly."

No one knew what to expect when we stepped into that room.  Each of us must now look deep into ourselves and face the dragons that often as not seem to hold us back from achieving worthwhile goals. The "signcutter" will not be for all, but those who seek it will have a great deal to offer those who follow. I as a Tracker II, stand on that edge. I chose to learn to fly, your job is to help me face that challenge by guiding me to find the tools I need to lead others, teach others, and stand for what I believe.  With the caliber of level II trackers in the community, it will be a formidable task.   Jerry, Al, Stan, Al and Marv, keep them runnin' shoes polished up and let the challenge continue.....

Take care..........Kevin D.