Novice/Track Aware
   I am a MIT in training for SAR under Randy Rorvik/ Princeton, BC.  I just attended my first Track Aware Course at Gardom Lake Bible Camp on April 15-17, 2011. The instructors were all fabulous, informative with step by step instructions of the whole program and Novice course of tracking. I found the classroom introduction very interesting and the videos/slides and demonstration's shown met my needs of an easy understanding and sparked an eagerness in me to learn and practice in the field of tracking.
I’ve learnt so much from the course and know I only touched a small tip of the iceberg.
The whole time was exciting and the hospitality of help, accommodations and meals were just awesome!  C  Thank you every one for all your efforts put into making this course available.  I came back home anticipating my involvement for the next one.
My gratitude goes out to you all, to the instructors and leaders that did a fabulous job of teaching. If any one wants an interesting, exciting new experience I strongly suggest take a tracking course. You will never look at the ground the same ever again and come away with knowing so much more than you did before!
Lynn Schuler
Princeton, BC